Commercial moving requires a specialized field of professional moving with a different set of skills and knowledge than residential moving does. If you are the owner or decision-maker of an Abbotsford enterprise and you're looking for reliable commercial movers in Abbotsford, then Jaxx Moving & Delivery invites you to contact us for a free quote. Commercial moves are unique and demand a lot of attention to detail and specialized training. Jaxx Moving & Delivery is qualified to handle commercial moves all sizes and scope.

Best Commercial Movers in Abbotsford

Jaxx Moving & Delivery promices to beat the price of any other commercial movers in Abbotsford. Just show us their quote, and we'll beat it! Our affordable prices are attractive to commercial clients who often get raked over the coals in terms of costs. However, the level of and quality of client care that we provide is perhaps more important than the prices. When you combine the two - low prices and quality moving services - Jaxx Moving & Delivery provides our clients with the best bang for their moving buck.

How to Move While a Business is Open

Working in a commercial environment usually involves working with and around expensive commercial equipment, furnishings, tech, and appliances in addition to sensitive data, information, and company secrets. Jaxx Moving & Delivery is trained to deal with all of this and more. Plus, depending on the nature of your company move, your establishment may be open during the move, which involves working safely around customers, pedestrians, and an active workplace in addition to everything else that can be expected in a live commercial setting.

If it's a complete move, as in closing one location and moving to another, then your establishment will be closed during the move. This provides for a safer and easier moving experience for all parties. Either way, Jaxx Moving & Delivery can manage the details and logistics of your move safely and effectively. Further, we'll gladly accommodate your schedule to find a time and date that works well for your move.

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At Jaxx Moving & Delivery, we adhere to ongoing workplace training to ensure that our employees are up to speed on all relevant laws and safety procedures for commercial moves. Trained to use only the best protocols and always think in terms of 'safety first;' we take our commitment to reliability and excellence seriously. That is why all of our employees are vetted for criminal background and character checks. Our motto is that we should never send anyone to a client's business who we wouldn't trust in our homes.

Jaxx Moving & Delivery offers professional commercial moving services for local and long-distance moves. For exceptionally far moves, you will most likely be in the care of one of our trusted and vetted partners through part of your trip. However, you will still get the highest degree of care, and you can rest assured that you will only have to work with us. We'll be responsible for your things at every stage of the move, even when it's a partner's custody.


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