Although the concept of moving is simple enough; even local moves are never easy! Jaxx Moving & Delivery is where you can find affordable local movers in Chilliwack who pride themselves on excellence at every phase of the moving process. We will provide you with a custom moving truck, load the truck, and do everything else for you so you can focus on the technical stuff. At Jaxx Moving & Delivery, we're glad to help! There's no reason to move by yourself when you don't have to. Our movers are trained to handle all items properly and safely. And with the low prices we offer, why wouldn't you employ our expert movers?

Why Hire Local Movers?

If your time is of value to you, then you are a ripe candidate for professional moving services. As you likely know - between planning and moving - moving can become a very large and burdensome task. What should be simple, quickly becomes complicated, and you realize that you need help. You surely have plenty of other important things to do and don't want to manage the logistics of your local move by yourself. That's where Jaxx Moving & Delivery comes in.

What's the Benefit of Hiring Local Movers?

We provide our moving clients with options. Whether yours is a residential or commercial move, we have the resources and expertise to pull it off in a timely, safe, and efficient manner, saving you from having to find boxes and purchase special tools and equipment for the move. From boxes to packing and short-term storage solutions, Jaxx Moving & Delivery has customization options for your budget.

We Offer Honest and Transparent Quotes

When you contact Jaxx Moving & Delivery, we'll take the time to listen to your needs and get a clear picture of what all is involved in your move. We'll even come out to your home or business beforehand to get a clearer sense of what you're moving, so we can give you a more accurate quote the first time. We know how much it sucks to be told one price and then be charged another. At Jaxx Moving & Delivery, we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity.

We still gain most of our new clients by word of mouth because we provide exceptional services at outstanding prices. People know that they can count on us to be well-dressed, courteous, and kind-mannered at all times. Further, we obtain a high level of excellence due to our commitment to ongoing training and the implementation of best practices on the job site.

Contact Jaxx Today

We save our clients time, money, and stress, which makes our moving services a must-have. If you don't have the time or the will to be consumed with a local move, then let us take care of it for you. Our pros make short work of even the largest loads. For local movers in Chilliwack, except no substitutes if you want low and honest prices, great work, fast service, and a friendly team to assist you during your move.

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