When you choose Jaxx Moving & Delivery moving services in Chilliwack, you get affordable prices, excellent services, and options. From custom trucks to local and long-distance moves to moving services for commercial and residential clients; Jaxx Moving & Delivery offers a full suite of moving services that can save you lots of time, money, and stress. Give us a call today to discuss your move, and we'll customize your move according to your specific needs, wants, and budget.

Jaxx Moving & Delivery Offers Customizable Moving Services in Chilliwack

Customizable options is one of the features of our moving services that stands out from other moving companies in Chilliwack. Whether you want to do all of the heavy lifting yourself or pay our highly trained moving techs do it for you; the choice is yours! We complement the schedules and the budgets of our clients, giving them meaningful options that solve their problems and take the burden of moving off of their shoulders.

What's the Cost of Moving Services?

Moving services may seem like a luxury for some, especially to individuals who are living on tight budgets. The fact is; moving can actually save you money. Before you opt to DIY, consider the pros and cons of paying for moving services in Chilliwack.

What are the Pros of Paying for Professional Moving Services?

  • You have much less work to do yourself, which allows you to focus on the technical aspects of the move, leaving the physical work to our professional movers.
  • Save money on specialized equipment, trucks, and tool rentals, in addition to paying for moving helpers.
  • Make fast work out of any move, no matter the size or scope.

What are the Advantages of Moving Yourself?

  • You get to control every aspect of the move, which may be ideal for people who like to do everything on their own.
  • It can be cheaper than paying or moving services if you don't have any money right now.
  • Everything can be done on your time and schedule

Before you assume that moving by yourself is cheaper than paying for a moving company, consider the costs of DIY moving. You will likely have to rent or buy tools, equipment, pay for moving helpers, pay for gas, and rent a truck. When you hire Jaxx Moving & Delivery, you get everything included in your moving services, depending on the moving options you select. We offer basic moving services where we do most of the lifting for you; then we offer complete moving services where we'll pack and unpack and do everything in-between, so you have to do nothing.

Why Pay for Moving Services in Chilliwack?

Surely, you will appreciate working with a moving company that provides fair, honest, and transparent pricing at every step of the moving process. We never charge hidden fees. Rather, we do our best to ensure our clients of all costs and any potential additional costs that they might incur if they choose additional moving services.

If you need expert moving services in Chilliwack, give Jaxx Moving & Delivery a call. We can take the headache out of moving for you.

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